Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fabric Stash and Craft Room Love

I love love love seeing other peoples fabric stash and getting jealous at all the yummy fabric they have. 
And all of the wonderful craft rooms people have.
Makes me sad sometimes because I had a beautiful house down south with a wonderful craft room...but thats a whole other store
So now I have a corner and a closet in my two bedroom apartment in Philadelphia. I think I made due pretty well. =)

Now if only I could convince my landlord to let me buy fabric rather then pay rent and then I'd be in heaven!

Meet my fabric stash. Well most of it. 
Oh yes and my sewing machine. Yes that is a tv dinner tray thing. 

On top is where I collect a few finished projects that I have yet to put away.
New fabric I swear I'm going to use every night. 
And half finished projects. I have more of those then anything else. haha

some of my pretty girl fabric.

some of my awesome boy fabric!

some of my large yardage fabric

fleece, acu's, mail crate I never returned, and felt.

sommmme of my flannel and small scraps.

Now follow me into my closet.

There is is in a nutshell. 

bins of flannel. <3 flannel!

some finished products (like burp cloths and blankets) and some cut out patterns ( like burp cloths)

bin of cut fabric. i'm pretty sure its all burp cloth pieces.

crayon shapes. =)
and in the green bin is all my finished pee pee tents.
and those papers to the left are patterns that I bought in pdf form and copied onto cardboard.

giant black box of finished boo boo bags. 
(side note: please buy some so I can empty this darn bin and make some new pretty ones. ;)  )

woven basket full of bib cut out pieces.

thank god these shelves were all here when I moved in!

That clear bin is where I keep a lot of supplies.
Like extra needles, thread, buttons, elastic, twine, mini hot glue gun...etc.

And this is all the clothing items that are done and waiting to be shipped to a happy new home.

Desk pictures and shoe hanger organizer pictures to follow..... 

....once desk is clean. =)