Saturday, February 6, 2010

Turtles! I couldn't resist!

I just love turtles. I mean look at how cute these all are. It became a thing of mine when I was pregnant with my son and found a shirt for him that said turtley awesome with the most adorable turtle on it. He now has a turtle room and turtles clothes and was a turtle for Halloween. poor kid. lol I definitely need to buy a few of these for him asap!


Pattie said...

I love turtles too!

Funny story (sorry about the life moment)
But, When I was about three I was watching National Geographic with my dad and it was about turtles and how they lay eggs and stuff.

So the next day my mom had got me some new undies and they had turtles all over them!

And I asked my mom (and I was very worried)
"Are they going to lay eggs on me"

I actually vaguely remember it lol

tickledbabyco said...

hahah that is too cute!! =)

Derinda said...

Ohhhh what cute turtle finds!!! I love the owl on the turtle...perfect for the owl and turtle lover. I can't believe how my bow holder matches your cute. Thanks for including me in you LOVELY blog. You made my day!!! :0)
Derinda @ ELB

tickledbabyco said...

oh your so right!!! it matches perfectly, I didn't even realize before. we must have good taste. =)